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20 yr old residential split system AC compressor

system is working fine and cooling fine.

there is a thermal protect switch on compressor that shuts if down when it gets to hot in the sun. there are of course fuses to protect from surges.

my question is - what can be done to ensure that compressor lasts alot longer.  or is it something that really doesnt require anything, and when it decides to die, it dies.

also, how long does a compressor normally last (used only during summer)



  • drhvacdrhvac Member Posts: 186

    Keeping your coils and filter clean will help your compressor run longer. You should also make sure of all the following:

    tight electrical connections and proper voltage inputs, capacitors are good, proper air flow over evap. coil, proper charge. You may want to install a surge protector for extra protection.

    Properly installed compressors (units) should last over 20 years. AC systems now a days get a bad rap because they are initially installed wrong. Good luck, hopefully you get at leat another 5 yrs.
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