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underground piping

HillyHilly Member Posts: 412
For underground piping how much cover/concrete is appropriate to place on top of an ABS dwv system? I couldn't find any specific answers. Is there an exact answer? I've seen pipes in the past gradually rise up until then are actually above the concrete (this was cast iron in some very old houses).

I'll reiterate since I'm often long winded - what's the code on covering underground horizontal dwv?


  • bob youngbob young Member Posts: 2,177

    4"  is rule of thumb. if is special application ie: a garage or warehouse where you have heavy traffic the specs will be as per plans. fill will vary, ash, gravel, sand, grit, wire mesh. it all depends. anything from two foot to a skim coat. no inspection , no plans , no permits , no problem. fielders choice. why use abs pipe ? be a pro & use ex. heavy cast iron like the big boys do. then ya got a job. 

     bob nyc lic. plbr
  • jonny88jonny88 Member Posts: 1,139
    Bell and spigot

    I saw a plumber across the street from where i was working taking out xh cast iron from the house to street,inspector wanted that green plastic pipe.Baffled me.I waqs on a job 2 weeks ago,customer was getting stoppages every month coming from street side.I dug up his lawn and see they used that green plastic pipe.Unfortunatly noone told the lawn sprinkler guy.When he pulled his pipes underground he penetrated the waste line in 4 spots.Three different companies had snaked the line and as you can imagine his plastic water pipes which were of had a little damage,oh and by the way there was no backflow device on inground sprinkler.Yes sewage was going in his sprinkler pipe,but who cares its the wild west out here and nothing gets inspected.
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