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Phoenix Light Duty

Royboy Member Posts: 221
anyone got any initial impressions or experience with the newer HTP Phoenix Light Duty models? prices about 1/3 less than the existing Phoenix line. I like the Phoenix for combination DHW/space heat. just wondering if there are any significant downsides known to the HX & control panel changes in the Light Duty line - or in any other changes I'm not mentioning.


  • ScottE
    ScottE Member Posts: 8
    have a dozen or so operating

    We have several out in the field and to date no issues at all.  We have been going out to the installs and set-up combustion for our contractors.  it has been my finding that they are very close to where they should be out of the box but always best to confirm. I have been seting them up on the rich side of the range as they light off as quite as a mouse up there.  As far as the HX goes, we have one at a dairy running at 160 degrees and 30 grain hard water, upon inspection (as best can be through a 3/4 inch hole) the HX has 1/2inch plus of build-up. This unit supplies water for mixing milk for the calves as they do not like soft water (love our cows here in Wisconsin) so it also drops to 55 degrees in 3 minutes at least twice per day. All in all very pleased to date.
  • ScottE
    ScottE Member Posts: 8
    control panel

    Missed this part of your Q first time around. the control is conpletely different on the LD. the first ones recieved left some to be desired but the latest version looks great and quite simple to set-up.
  • Royboy
    Royboy Member Posts: 221

    thanks Scott, for your observations. not too many of these out yet and I am always a bit leery of been on the front end of the adopter curve - but there aren't too many other appliance configured like this that I know of.
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