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Radiant heat

Plumbkeith Member Posts: 6
Im doing a kitch remodel. Im installing radiant heat. Do i install radiant under the kitchen cabinets?


  • HomeOwner1
    HomeOwner1 Member Posts: 134

    The way we were advised was to install kick-toe blower units under the cabinets. Requires special monoflow T's spaced at a certain distance and opposing to eachother to have steady flow to the primary and secondary kick toe heater loops.

    If you install straight finned copper below your cabinets, the heat will probably not be very good for them.

    They work well in our bathrooms.
  • HomeOwner1
    HomeOwner1 Member Posts: 134
    Sorry, responded too quick.

    Was thinking this was standard finned copper question under cabinet question, read too quick.

    Not sure about having the embedded loop in the floor itself under the cabinets.....we did not.

    But the kick toe heaters do work well in combination though.
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,546
    To answer your question plumbkieth

    It's not a huge deal either way, but don't use the area under your cabinets as output to off set heat loss in your calculations.

    Stay away from cabinets with baskets to store potatoes onions etc, and bread storage bin cabinets.

    If sink abuts an outside wall throw a little under that cabinet if it does not disrupt your layout.

    IF your floor area falls short of the heat loss consider radiant counter tops especially if they are high mass.

    In other words keep the tube where it directly has an effect on output to the room.
  • ScottWarmly
    ScottWarmly Member Posts: 3
    If you use electric heating cables, no.

    You didn't specify if you were using hydronic or electric, but I wanted to chime in in case any folks thinking about electric radiant heat were looking at this thread. From your handle, I assume this will be done in hydronic.

    FYI, Electric heating cables should never be installed under any permanent fixture. Do not install electric heating cables under cabinets unless they are on legs. Cabinets will trap the heat and may cause dangerous overheating of the wires. You can put the cable in the toe kick area but not under the cabinets.
    Just so you know, I work for WarmlyYours.
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