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2 Pipe Steam! Trap placement?

flash996 Member Posts: 2
This is a two pipe system,  these are in the basement.  Was wondering if anyone has seen this done and how it affects my B dimension ? I would say the boiler water line is about a foot bellow the lowest elbow you see and is a wet return at that point  which enters into an F&T at the boiler about the height of the bottom of the wall trim.  These heat well but there are other issues in the system I am trying to resolve and ws wondering if they could be part of the problem?  


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 14,342
    edited June 2013
    That was probably an Illinois Engineering Co. system

    I've seen their systems set up like that before. The return connection from the radiators does allow steam to pass, assuming there's no water seal or other device to stop it further down the line, so it's not strictly a "B" dimension. The traps in this case only serve to direct the air back to the dry return.

    You say there is an F&T trap at the end of that wet return? Where does it discharge to?
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  • flash996
    flash996 Member Posts: 2

    goes into a boiler feed tank that was recently installed and is driving the owner crazy.  he has asked me to remove it ..  I am doing all I can to be sure that if I do the system is going to work properly..
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