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275 tank gauge recommendations/installation

hh409 Member Posts: 14

the installation of my new 275 vertical (42h x 26w) oil tank is complete however it seems the wrong gauge was installed as they used the one for a horizontal tank (king by oem #4503)

is king by oem a good quality gauge or are there better choices available?

also what type of sealant or Teflon tape should be used on the threads for this type of oil application, the gauge i need to replace was installed with a blue Teflon tape. i want to be sure i am buying the proper product.

btw - is "vertical" the proper terminology for a tank that sits 42" h and 26" wide(left to right)



  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    tank gauge

    If you can find a Scully product, I would go with that, but thy are hard to find. OEM-King is not that great. I have had problems with all their products off and on for years. OEM is now owned by Beckett, so hopefully the quality will improve. I would use Rectorseal on the threads, never teflon tape. Not only is it code not to use it here in Mass, it does break down, disolve from the fuel, and yes to vertical, horizontal, and cylinder type tanks
  • hh409
    hh409 Member Posts: 14
    gauge and thread sealent

    the plumber used blue Teflon tape around the threads for the valve/tap at the bottom of the tank, something not so easily replaced without a mess - now what??

    i am familiar with white Teflon tape for water, yellow for gas. does blue have any affiliation with oil at all?
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    not sure if blue teflon tape is rated for oil or not, I only use liquid sealer. Always have, always will.  Was there an underground tank there before? There is no need to disturb the bottom of the tank fittings unless they are leaking. If they are, then either empty the tank, or pull a vacuum on it to re-do them. 
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