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WarmRite Ipex Control Board

PlumdogPlumdog Member Posts: 873
I'm needing the controller for one of these panels, it looks like a Tekmar mixing control or snowmelt control (356 or 656?) except rebadged. I believe it is Pulse Width Modulation for the injection pump rather than variable speed. Has OD sensor and supply sensor, powers a System circ and injection mix circ, and demands heat from a Buderus C.I. boiler on a primary loop. Should I just switch to a 356? The injection pump is a Grundfos 15-52. 


  • PlumdogPlumdog Member Posts: 873
    Never Mind...

    It was a 356 of sorts. I put in a new one and all is well. There will be a special place reserved in the low-rent section of @ell for those guys at Kitec. Would it be too much expense to give maybe 3-4 inches of slack in the wire lengths so an old guy doesn't have to spend two hours on his hands and knees in a filthy crawlspace trying to stretch those dinky wires? Good ridance. Gimme back the money I spent on Special Tools, too.
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