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dry charged condensor changeout

When you can not find a new  R410 coil to fit above a oil furnace and existing coil has a orifice control .Can that be used? thank you for any input  


  • Spence
    Spence Member Posts: 316
    R-22 Dry Units

    You are putting yourself and the equipment in a tough situation with any type of fixed metering device. Quality-driven makers of the dry units assume you will be using a TXV. You have possibilities from the easy to the extreme: (1) Locate an R-22 coil that will "match" the unit you propose; (2) Remove the orifice and pipe in a TXV; (3) Check other makers to see if they have an "N" coil that may be less tall; (4) Determine if the furnace is approved for horizontal application and change the configuration, or; (5) Replace the furnace, giving your customer higher efficiency, the advantage of R-410A, and the long life expectancy that comes with AHRI certified combinations.
  • John Mills_5
    John Mills_5 Member Posts: 935
    short coils

    Some ADP and Aspen coils are pretty short and AHRI rate with a new 410 13 SEER machine. Often TXV is required. But sure beats the compromised SEER and capacity of putting a dry 13 SEER on some old coil. 
  • Sparrow
    Sparrow Member Posts: 4

    Allstyle coil out of houston tx has m-coils that are 15.5" high. i've been selling them for a couple of years now in ct. and have had no problems. you have to buy a seperate txv for either 410a or r22.
  • Spence
    Spence Member Posts: 316
    Short Coils

    This is great news; thanks!
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