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Heating strategy for 2-pipe steam radiators

Howdy. Recently moved into an 1896 house with a 2-pipe steam system -- cast iron radiators (the Gurney "Duet"). Been doing some research, still haven't found a satisfying answer to these two questions:

- Would a programmable thermostat save me money by turning down the temperature when we're away?

- Does shutting off the valve to radiators in rooms we don't use often save money, or does it make more sense with steam to heat everywhere all the time?

Our heating bills are kind of nuts and I'm looking to maximize efficiency. Planning to bleed the radiators, might add new gaskets to the handles. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,719
    Not sure if that's really steam

    can you post a pic of the other end of that radiator? 
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  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    Steam or hot water

    Pictures of the boiler and thermostat would help as well.

    If it is steam, keeping a constant low temperature, unless you are away for more than 24 hours would be most economical.

    If it is hot water, then there are other ways of tuning for economy, such as turning down the water temperature on the aquastat in the spring, but not below 150 degrees.--NBC
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