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hogsfer max 14 multi fuel

clammyclammy Member Posts: 2,496
Just went last nite and helped a buddy do a cleaning on a 1980 hogsfer max 15 combi  wood coal /oil hot water boiler .The oil burner/under ground tank  was recently removed and replaced with a mid co ecomite 200 .Of courde a amazing conversion job at best about 40 ft of 3/4 ward flex ,no gas rated dual  swing  barometric damper ,no over temp sensor on flue aside from not cleaning the boiler either theres no combustion air either.Just wonder if anyone has any info on these units there was not litertue for any thing .This unit will be replaced being the HO has no plans to burn wood and i would think it would be quite expensive to operate being we had it running for about a hour and a half and the temp was only up to about 120 .The unit also has a thermostaic return valve which must have a siphon tube in it being both supply and return are  piped out of it ,this unit also produces domestic hot water and used a triple aquastat relay using the low limit to control circulator ,the only info  the unit aside from the name was a20 kw rating and a 380 kilo weight .The wood fire box is small and the  thermostaic draft controller arm is also broken also there is no dump zone for over temp but i would image that if the draft controller for the solid fuel side was worken it would smother the fire i would guess ,  and before we left i did do a Combustion anzy that mid co was very touchy on air shutter adjustment but was very quite but again the air adjust sucked just tightening the set screws would throw the burners numbers way off what aPOS in that respect other wise not bad  peace and good luck clammy
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  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Old Green Products:

    Its amazing how bad a lot of this old "green" stuff was and is. You can bet it never saw an old Bachrach  "Wet Kit". Now that it has been "seen" by a Digital one, you can begin to see how dangerous and inefficient this stuff is.

    And dangerous.
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