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Oil boiler conversion

Cilla Member Posts: 1
Hi, I hope there is someone out there who can answer my question, because I get differing answers from UGI (Gas) and PETRO (oil).  I recently purchased an 1800sq home.  It has a New Yorker Oil Boiler with summer/winter hookup.  The price of oil is putting me in the poor house.  I called UGI, since I have gas coming into the home, and they came out and told me that I could attach the Carlin e-z gas burner to the New Yorker, add a liner to the chimney and all would be okay.  However, PETRO says that The New Yorker can not be converted (and when I went on the New Yorker website it said the same thing) and I may have issues with carbon monoxide and that since gas doesn't burn as hot it wouldn't heat my water efficiently.  I called UGI back with those questions and they said that it WAS possible and that they can control the BTU so that my water is heated effectively.  What is the truth?


  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    edited March 2013
    The TRUTH, you can't handle the...

    OK, sorry I couldn't resist...

    Everyone is rite and everyone is wrong at the same time, some boiler companies will void the warranty of a boiler if you convert it to gas, which isn't a huge deal because most warranties are a joke after 5-10 years.... So that being said I have converted new yorker boilers, the smaller ones do take a little tuning, but I have had good luck with Wayne conversion burners in them..

    Heres where I would push you in a different direction, a am not a fan of New Yorker boilers, not sure what model you have or how old it is, but I have seen some "go" way before a boiler should... I would go with a new boiler vs converting the existing, it would be terrible if you spent half of what a new boiler cost on a burner and then the boiler only lasted 5 more years, you wouldn't have even recovered the conversion costs yet.... plus with a new boiler, you could pick one that you can direct vent with no chimney liner...

    do you already have a meter on the house?

    How many sq feet and how old is the house?

    where are you located?

    What is your budget to "get away" from oil?

    answer them questions and we will let you know which path is best, but to answer your first question you can convert it, I have done at least 3 over the years ;) ..
  • Paul48
    Paul48 Member Posts: 4,470
    A little more

    The gas will have to be run to the boiler, while being properly sized with any existing appliances. I converted in Sept., and am very happy. I had already relined the chimney, so that wasn't part of the price. My conversion will be almost paid for this season. Oil hasn't come down, and I don't think it will. Gas may go up, but it would have to double for me to be equal with oil.

    If you're serious(I'm sure you are), start getting prices to have the chimney relined.
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