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New thermostat for 6 unit apartment building

a2shutta2shutt Member Posts: 97
Hi, I have a 6 unit apartment building in Michigan with a natural gas forced air furnace.  The programmable thermostat is centrally located (but it is in a hallway and subject to drafts-not really anywhere else to put it though) and in a lockbox.

After getting my utility bills the other day, I checked the settings on the stat and found that someone had forced off the lock box cover and raised the temp to 83 degrees!  The furnace was running constantly trying to reach that temp.

I'm thinking that the best solution for the time being is to get a new thermostat with a remote sensor-put the stat down by the furnace where only I can get to it, and put the remote sensor where the thermostat currently is.  I am also wondering if there are any models that allow for multiple remote sensors, so I could have several in different parts of the building.

Can anyone recommend a decent, low priced thermostat that would meet my needs?  I'm also open to other suggestions-they just can't be too expensive!



  • astoria2013astoria2013 Member Posts: 16


    a honeywell pro9000 thermostat.  This thermostat can be locked out completely with a 4 digit code, or you can set it to only go up to a set temperature, say 72.  This thermostat is great if you want to lock it out completely, or just lock out some features.  This thermostat also has a sensor available so you can put thermo in basement and sensor in hallway.  Not sure what model number sensor is, but after you install it, glue cover on as it does not install too tight.  White rogers also has a digital locking thermostat, but in my opinion not as good as this particular honeywell. 

    Lux also has programmeable thermostats a lot less expensive that the honeywell that also lock.  They lock with a key press combo.  I think you press next 3 times followed by the hold button.  This is much less expensive but if you have any tech savy tenents can just look on internet to see how to unlock screen.  But its much less expensive and maybe worth a try.
  • a2shutta2shutt Member Posts: 97

    I'll check those out.
  • WesmanWesman Member Posts: 16
    Multi family remote sensors

    The Johnson Controls A419 includes a single bullet type remote sensor. The remote is wired back to the basement mounted control Available in 24 and 120v a spdt relay can control heat or cool. 4 sensors wired series parallel will average 25% authority at each zone. Honeywell TH8110U provides all of the attributes above plus a 7 day program.

    If you use these 2 in conjunction with each other the A419's sensor could be moved outside to provide warm weather shutdown. Bring the TH8110U's W1 wire thru the A419 contact. Once the outdoor temp reaches (65F) the heat will not be allowed to come on.

    Use a TB8220U and you can use any quantity of remote indoor sensors with varying influence. If you zone your system at a later date, install an Intermatic hour counter and you can monitor each individual zones relative energy usage.
  • RJ_4RJ_4 Member Posts: 484

    White Rogers has a line of commercial t-stats that you can install 3 remote sensors and set sensor priority   IF 93-380   check with your local supply house or hvac contractor
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