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gas pressures

aldevoaldevo Member Posts: 1
Gas valves are usually rated for 1/2 psi max. Why is it trouble often when natural gas is approx. 10" or higher, but hardly ever a problem when lp is approx. 13" w.c.?


  • VictoriaEnergyVictoriaEnergy Member Posts: 126
    nat vs lpg pressures

    7" WC is approx 1/4 PSI, I think they make the valves so they can tolerate a lock-up pressure from an upstream regulator of twice the normal working pressure.

    I think higher lpg pressures in combination with smaller burner orifices were originally intended to help the venturi effect for an acceptable air/fuel mix on start-up of atmospheric burners.

    Not sure what problem you are referring to...
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