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Weil Mclean EG-45 gas fired steam boiler how to clean the probe

jg69jg69 Member Posts: 1
I  am a pretty handy guy and have a what I hope is a simple question for you.I bought in 2009 a Weil Mclain EG-45 gas fired steam boiler.I have a VXT automatic water feeder attached.My problem is that when the low water cutoff light goes on my feeder isn’t feeding water to the boiler.I have drained the dirty  water from the boiler but the feeder still won’t kick on to fill the boiler.I figure the next step is to clean the probe in the low water cut off but...I’m just not sure what the correct steps are to remove the probe.. clean it.. then replace it..I have attached photos so you can see what I’m working with...I think my problem is the probe is dirty..What are your thought....


  • ALIGAALIGA Member Posts: 194
    edited February 2013
    can you manually feed it with the vxt

    the vxt might be faulty.

    I think the probe is fine, as it is detecting the low water properly.
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