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converted oil to gas

jimw72jimw72 Member Posts: 4
i recently converted 3 boilers from oiled fired to gas fired using the ez carlins gas bruners on 2 of the boilers( both well mcclains) and a G3B burner on a utica boiler Starfire 3 model. The 2 ez carlins are running fine but i have received a question regarding gas usage on the utica. While the 2 ez carlins installs showed a 2/3rds increase in gas useage, the utica gas usage has tripled if not 4X creating a massive gas bill. Any thoughts on why or if there is some solutions. All boilers are steam boilers and were all cleaned and soot vacced.


  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,752

    Did you install a draft control? Did you match the existing BTUH input? What were your combustion numbers?
  • pipekingpipeking Member Posts: 252
    i didn't

    even know they still made the g3b. i havn't needed parts for any ever so...
  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 13,815
    I wouldn't have used the G3B on that Starfire-3

    it needs more static air pressure than the G3B can produce. That's why the original Beckett burner on these boilers is an AFG rather than an AF- the AF doesn't produce the static air pressure that the AFG can.

    Swap the G3B for an EZ-Gas, with the proper air tube for that boiler, and it'll run much better.
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  • jimw72jimw72 Member Posts: 4

    ok lemme give that a try
  • jimw72jimw72 Member Posts: 4

    yeah has a draft control....combustions numbers are 9.7 co2........3.6 o2....stack temp at 574f with 27% EA...and i matched existing btu from boiler to the burner and drilled the orifice accordlly
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