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economite 150-c thermalcouple

i have an old steam boiler with an economite 150 c gas burner. i need to change the thermalcouple. the thermalcouple goes into back of blower but i cant seeem to be able to disconect unit from boiler to access pilot assembly.any words of wizdom would help here is a pic of what i have.


  • RJ_4RJ_4 Posts: 484Member

    Its been awile since I have worked on one of these, In alot of jobs the burner itself was supported by the stand as you can see, where the burner tube is attached to the boiler is sealed with refractory type cement which you need to remove to get burner out. The burner may be attached with clip style fasteners to the boiler, Before you remove the burner order some Greenpatch 421 cement  5 gals is about $65.00.  you will need this when reattaching the burner to seal the blast tube to the boiler. Alot of these old burners were set in place like this, now day burners come with mtg. plates and tube plates for most installs.   Before pulling burner check for an access panel to get to pilot assy. on back or side of burner, I used to have an I.O.M on this burner sorry could not find.
  • SteamheadSteamhead Posts: 12,726Member
    That one's been around for a while

    but the manufacturer probably still has something on it:
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