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Rotted boilers. one riser vs. two risers

Has anyone noticed a higher rate of boilers springing holes when only one riser is used as opposed to two risers? I would think that with one riser (even when sized properly) all the steam is heading in one direction. This can lead to water splashing on that side and residual wet spots.


  • Rotted boilers

    If only one side of the boiler has a riser, then there could be an unequal waterline from the riser side to the other. Even more damaging is the unstable waterline, where the water is blown out into the returns suddenly due to high pressure. Suddenly the iron which has some residual heat goes dry, and is overheated, even though the burner has cut off. These thermal stresses in the iron of the sections will open up little cracks which as the problem continues will become lerger cracks.

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  • Mark NMark N Posts: 1,066Member
    Rotted boilers

    I asked this question a few years ago. The rot always occurs in the section that the fresh water feeds into and occurs in boilers with 1 or 2 risers. Eliminate the leaks and your boiler will last much longer.
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