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System Flooding

XrayXray Posts: 24Member
    This is a new boiler on a really simple one-pipe system.  When I first arrived the system was flooded despite the customer having drained it down earlier that day.  I drained it then fired it up.  Within a few minutes it went off on low water then filled, going through this process 2 more times within a half hour.  Holding up condensate!  I double-checked to make sure the feeder wasn't creeping (it wasn't).  I skimmed it then cleaned it with Dry Steam, flushing out lots of goo.  Found the pigtail plugged: cleaned it out.  As I was about to leave I checked the sight glass--it was right down to the bottom, but the boiler hadn't filled yet. Well, it took over a week but the dang thing flooded again all right.  When I drained it there was still a bunch of crud.  I will probably try cleaning again, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


  • RodRod Posts: 2,067
    Boiler Flooding

    Hi- Slow return of condensate makes it sound as though your wet return is partially plugged up.   If the condensate is returning fast enough then the source of flooding has to be either a malfunction of the auto water feeder or if the boiler has one, , a pin hole leak in the domestic hot water coil

    - Rod
  • XrayXray Posts: 24Member
    probably still flooding

    Thanks, but get this--no coil AND no "returns."  System is just one 2" pipe (mostly insulated) with counterflow return through top of boiler.  Main pitch looks good ( I know, I know, but no line level!) Since there are no drips there is no equalizer or Hartford loop, of course.  I never saw the old boiler but I worry about wet steam.
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