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Sprinter or Nissan NV?

JohnNY Member Posts: 3,226
Your thoughts?

I have to buy one this week.


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  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    never buy a sprinter again

    I bought one new in 07 and I had an amazing 13 separate service issues before 50K miles!!! and a few of them issues took weeks to sort out, the turbo problem was hard for them to get their finger on, as was the egr problem that came before that and back after the turbo was changed, then a wiring harness and ecu, yes never again...

    I don't like the looks of the nissan, I buy straight gmc utility bodies now, and install gang boxes and drawers in the beds {weatherguard pack rat} much easier.. plus I believe gm is still doing the $25K write off program...
  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 878

    I've had 3 of them, the best part is they hold their value better than any GM, Ford, Nissan product bar none. I have the 170" wheelbase so thats 15' for pipe to sit in, its also 6,4 inside. So much cargo room you may need a GPS to find your way out. It rides like silk but is only RWD and can be a super piece when or if you need to get up a slick road.

    I am getting 18MPH in the winter and 25 in the summer.

    They can be very peculiar in the maintenance dept, so don't purchase unless you plan on doing a 100k warranty bumper to bumper and live near an authorized Freightliner or MB dealer (not all work on them). Sprinters are also notorious for rust so if you live in an area where they use salt on the roads be aware.

    That is the down side, the good news is once you own one and drive it for 6 months you will never go with anything else unless it's a lemon.
    Montpelier Vt
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
    Sprinter or what?

    John, I have 5 Sprinters, just love them. True repairs are not cheap but have not had many.  Brake job all around can be 1K but not too frequent. Side door handles are cheesy, they break and again not cheap but the mileage and room is good. We use the 144" std ht one to get under a specific bridge we travel by all the time but high top would be good. Look on Truckpaper for used sprinters. Their are some good deals in your neck of the woods as long as kept up.  Also, I have a sprinter leasing company do our maintenance and repair, they are great. They are up front reasonable. Don't like going to dealership for maint items. My oldest one is 05, we have bought most of ours new but Now the $$ got pretty high on them so I tend to look for low mi used ones if lucky to find.  Good luck, Tim
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