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Some thoughts on PEX connections

Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,449
Looking for the collective and respected experiences with the different types of connections for the different manufactures.  I know that Uponor is only supposed to be done with expansion, but any experience with crimp rings, as in leaking.  Some guys seem to be totally sold on one type of connection style.  I've spoken to guys who only use the expansion and exclusively pex-a for this reason.  Some guys, and diy'ers use the cinch rings which would appear to be the fastest but least secure.  I've installed some tub faucets that are now coming with crimp style pex connections cast into them.  If I run my pex-a to them am I voiding something by not using that specific manufacturer's connection system?  I like the Watts crush rings, but the fittings are restrictive.

If I'd had a camera phone I'd have snapped some pics of a job I was at.  There was hardware store Watts pex expanded over old Wirsbo fittings with Wirsbo sleeves.  Well this obviously leaked and the HO used SS worm clamps over the sleeves.  When I showed up, with my tools and roll of pex, he said he didn't want anything to do with that "plastic leaking junk" and only wanted CPVC installed (extremely rare up here).  Some pro had done this, as the expansion tool, nor Wirsbo/Uponor stuff is not available to HOs, my guess is that they didn't know there was any difference in pex-a,b,or c.  Luckily there was only a small bit of this done as a small remodel.  Other than not expanding pex-b or c, what are your thoughts on crimp, cinch, and compression fittings on the different pex types?

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  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    PEX connectors.

    I only use Uponor PEX with their rings and fittings, I have a Milwaukee PEX/Uponor expander. I have never had a problem but I don't do all that much of it. Most of what I do, it is easier and more cost effective to use copper, Replacing an electric water heater and installing a mix valve doesn't mix well with PEX because all the adapters I need make it really stupid.

    When it freezes. it will push apart at the fittings. Or so I have been told.
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    cold expansion

    After owning Zurn tooling for years and experimenting with several systems, I've also settled on F1960 (Uponor.)  Expanding the PEX allows less restrictive fittings to be used, and their EP fittings cause much less trouble than brass does out here in chunky water land.  After experiencing about 30 leaking fittings on our first big job, we have learned to always run a finger around the fitting before using it.  If there are flaws, chips, or dirt on that major ring you're going to have trouble getting a good seal.

    The Logic system offers quite a range of multi-port fittings that can really speed up a job if you plan a bit and take proper advantage of them.  I still wish they made reducing crosses, or any crosses for that matter.
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