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Two pipe one pipe

Have a building ten stories in height two pipe steam ststem with traps on rad returns. 5th 6th and 7th floor converted to 1 1/4" fin tube steam baseboard. Returns gone probably plugged at return riser and buried in wall. Baseboard tied in to steam supply riser as a one pipe system would be. Only a valve off riser into approx 14ft of baseboard and pitched back to riser to drain condensation. 5th floor only one section off of one riser the baseboard banging and blowing vari vents apart. Bldg Engineer states has been this way since he took over 6 yrs ago no problem un ti i came in removed old baseboard installed new baseboard and vari vent and only on this one riser. Steam valve on inlet side fully open. Better than one and a half inch of pitch on section. Any thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks


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