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Slant/Fin Baseboard (Steam Boiler): Pitch Requirements - One Pipe Steam System

Several years ago I replaced my radiators with Slant/Fin baseboard radiators on a One pipe steam system. Most recent I have noticed that the air vents are leaking water.

I have applied shims under the element and pitch back toward the feed line with no success - still leaks water. I recent purchased Dan's 'We Got Steam Heat!' book and on page 106 discusses techniques for one-pipe steam baseboard systems.

Besides pitching techniques, are there any other factors that should be considered such as the boiler 'psi' setting or other factors?  I appreciated feedback.


  • Baseboard vents leaking

    Something must have changed which is causing the vents to leak, as I presume it has only recently started.

    Most likely the pigtail has become plugged, preventing the pressuretrol from sensing the pressure, and letting the system run wild. Try cleaning that, and checking the settings to give a cutin of .5 psi, and a cutout of 1.5.

    An accurate 0-3 psi gauge would show you exactly what your pressure was, and aid in diagnostics.--NBC
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