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Slurping and odd sounds on closest steam radiator to boiler, banging not an issue

I have a one-pipe steam system in a 1920 house in the Boston area. I have replaced all the radiator vents with Hoffman adjustables and balanced according to distance from the boiler. My pressuretrol is set at 0.5 psi with a diff 1 psi. The boiler is running at 2.5 pounds which is an improvement from 4 psi, before I replaced the steam vents. The boiler supplies the first floor apartment, with 6 radiators. The boiler is about 15 years old, and has a copper expansion tank on the outlet steam header.

My issue is in my bedroom, the radiator which is closest to the bolier, makes this odd slurping noise upon initial cause for heat. It's almost like the vent is breathing in and out it sounds like water sloshing back and forth. This radiator is probably half the distance to the next radiator in the bathroom and about 1/10th the distane to the further radiator. The boiler level is good. This sloshing is very annoying and lasts for about 5 minutes on initial call for heat. A sparkly noise (best I can describe occurs), almost a million little droplets hitting the radiator. Wet steam?? Not sure how to check or control that. I have yet to have a heating professional take a look. I have some basic understanding of steam. All I can guess is that the steam is condensing on the cold iron and becoming water and that water is sloshing around some how due to a fluctuation in pressure. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
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