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NTI Trinity 150c and need to flush

Jenny56 Member Posts: 6
My installer DID NOT flush the system prior to installation or during. The warranty papers from Trinity say this could invalidate my warranty. The installer said it is not mandatory but the way I read it, I think it was. Now, I just began "bleeding rads (Old cast iron) and see clear water but a lot of little flecks in the water. Is this because they did not flush and is m,y warranty in trouble? Should I do anything? If yes, what?


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,163
    you are prob....

    ok. How long has it been? I would flush and clean the system out. All systems need this every once and a while. If you want to go the next step add some cleaner... Rhomar is one company. Then flush it out and add the conditioner.
  • Jenny56
    Jenny56 Member Posts: 6
    Flush cheical brands are specified

    NTI has two solutions they say one of which should be used. The system install took 30 days to be called finished. They started the job by decommissioning a window with out asking and followed up by with a malfunction caused by trash in a valve, then it only took two weeks to get a misplaced valve repositioned and only after Trinity looked over pictures of the install. That was just last May. I have not been able to get the heat even up to the cool side of 20, that's why I was bleeding rads. (Didn't help) My husband said it is because its a drafty old house, but we lived in two old houses before this, one was FAR draftier, until now they could be brought up to temperature but at the cost of more fuel. (Oil)

    This thermostat and surrounding air, just will not reach the set temp.in this case. After writing the last post I thought I would see what happens if I up the call for heat on the thermostat and see if it reaches an equal differential. This is it's first run in cold weather. I am mortified, I'll be paying for this system over 5 years and it may all have been a waste of money.
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    you need a pro

    Sounds from the temperature reference like you are in Canada.  Call the local NTI rep http://www.nythermal.com/contact_us  and ask him to recommend someone who can service your system.
  • Jenny56
    Jenny56 Member Posts: 6
    Did that

    They do not refer contractors, gave me a "suppliers" name who also refuses referrals as it would tick off his customers that were not refereed. How else might I find a good company?
  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 843

    If you post the city you live in or a nearby large city, someone here on the wall can private message you and chat. If you feel they are qualified or perhaps they are willing to do a free inspection than you could work that out offline.
    Montpelier Vt
  • Jenny56
    Jenny56 Member Posts: 6
    ALSO: Hot Water annomily

    Good Idea! Welland, ON, CA, L#B 2B4


    NEW: I just took my first shower, the water kept turning ice cold for secods at a time. Nearly drove me nuts. Is this normal on my system?

    I am a habitual bather and only shower when I'm in a great hurry or I would have noticed this before now. I would not have noticed in the laundry because I always use cold water.
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