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electric duct heater

Hey everyone I'm on a job in NYC and I see a electric duct heater in a duct that is pulling outside air...can anyone tell me WHY there is a duct heater in here? Just would like to know
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  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 1,631
    To temper

    The air going into the building.
  • Freeze Protection

    Very often, heaters are used on fresh air ducts to prevent the freezing of hydronic heating coils. This is common on systems that operate with 100% outside air.
  • Empire_2Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Hi Eugene;

    While I do not classify it as freeze protection, I find (depending on the installation and it's application) It is usually slammed in when a restaurant finds out that the doors are impossible to open, pilots on oven equipment keep going out, etc...  Outside air must be heated so the dang thing does not freeze out patrons and their space is having problems so in turn the duct heater is put in. 

    Now, I'm not crazy  If this were a MUA equipment, then that heat is intended and sized for a specific application which may encompass exhaust fans and F/A make up to apply positive pressure to the space or structure.  I think what he is seeing is a heater retro fitted to help out a problem and that was probably the cheapest answer to alleviate the problem.  Yes, I know what you were inferring to and understand.  I usually think commercial kitchen because I run into it all the time.  Wow, I do sound  How have you been Eugene?


    Mike T.
  • Very likely

    You are indeed correct.

    I have seen them installed as a quick fix for problems such as those you mentioned.
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