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Glass infrared heating

Has anyone ever seen a glass infrared baseboard heater?? I cannot find Any information about the heating system in my home. It is very efficient and my electric bill has never exceeded 250$ (and that was in the summer for cooling). It is glass radiant heating (infrared). There is not a picture nor an article on the web aside from one supplier that has ceramic replacements for my units and one newspaper article from berko stating that it provides floor level heat. Never had a problem with it although its circa 1958. Any insight would

Be helpful. Would post a picture, but it's not iPone friendly.


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Infrared Baseboard Heaters:

    Understand that 1958 was a beginning of another effort to kill the fossil fuel industry for home heating. Nuclear Power plants were popping up all over the country with "almost free" power, and everyone was hopping on the band wagon. Infrared. was something tried. Infrared heaters are very hot and the surfaces get way too hot for little kiddos to come near, let alone the part in the service manuals for normal electric resistance baseboard about keeping drapes and flammables away from it for the danger of fires.

    I've seen a few fires from beds pushed up against electric baseboards in bedrooms. Couches in living rooms. Scorched table legs. Something that never happens with hot water baseboard heaters

    They list Infrared heaters for a lot of applications, all up high and out of reach of human hands where they could be burned. A deep research effort may find that they had legal and safety problems, and made a command decision to just stop making them. Attrition would just end them someday. You have some? When they stop working, you will be replacing them with resistance baseboard.

    Just my thoughts.
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