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Cost savings with gas

28W Member Posts: 141
I converted from a 9-year-old oil boiler to a mod-con over the summer.  I've been waiting for some real winter weather to see what the savings are.  My gas bill (heat and hot water) for December was $144 including all the delivery charges. I converted that to what I would have spent on oil (therms of gas --> Btus --> gallons of oil) and found that I would have spent at least $300 on oil.  Pretty significant savings for one month.  Even factoring in the repayment cost for the new boiler (which was financed at 0%), I still come out ahead by $65 for the month.


  • JStar
    JStar Member Posts: 2,752

    All of my customers have saved from 40-60% so far.
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    converting BTUs

    is the first part of the equation.  Boiler efficiency is the second, and a mod/con will improve that ratio http://www.eia.gov/neic/experts/heatcalc.xls
  • 28W
    28W Member Posts: 141
    Good point

    I did not account for the efficiency difference.  So I would have spent even more with oil.
  • JohnHenry_2
    JohnHenry_2 Member Posts: 70
    edited January 2013
    savings with gas

    I went from an 80 year old coal-converted-to-oil boiler to a gas fired mod/con. The way the old unit cycled I estimated that i was getting about 65% overall efficiency, maybe less. My new boiler with outdoor reset has seen a maximum return temp of 120*F so I'm figuring the efficiency is up over 95%. My last delivery of oil in the spring of 2011 was $5/gal. The equivalent BTUs in gas is about $1.50. Add that all together and I'm probably getting 5 times the heat for my fuel dollars.

    And the CO2 emissions from my house have gone down by 2/3!
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  • TomFish
    TomFish Member Posts: 2
    Anyone successful in conversion of Burnham V8 boiler to NG?

    Has anyone had success with convering a Burnham V8 series? Here is our situation. We have a Burnham V8 series boiler providing hot water and baseboard heat in Southern New Jersey. The unit is only roughly 7 years old. We now have natural gas in the house. Carlin makes a gas gun that will fit it and a liner can be installed for the chimney. Burnham states that a gas conversion is not approved and will provide no information as to why. Most of the HVAC folks are unwilling to convert it if Brunham won't approve it officially. The HVAC guys are recommending we completely trash the whole boiler and put a brand new unit it. Seems a bit extreme to me.
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