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Gas regulations... Help!

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I recently rented an apartment and when I went over to do initial cleaning, turned on the gas stove. I noticed that the odor lingered longer than I was used to (I've always had gas heat/stove) and that it was stronger behind the stove. I called the gas company who came right over. They found 2 gas leaks, 1 at the flex hose behind the stove and 1 at the boiler "after gas valve" according to the tag. I notified the landlord who told me he had a friend who would be fixing it. I have searched all of the surrounding towns and can't find a license of any sort for this friend. The only information I can find on his "company" is a Facebook page. I got a phone call from landlord with the "bad news" that the repairs would have to be inspected by the city gas inspector (which was great news for me) and another phone call this morning saying that the gas inspector had been over today and that he had to replace the gas stove. Being concerned about the quality of the repairs, my boyfriend called the gas inspector to see what else he found in his inspection. The gas inspector said he hadn't been over to the apartment yet and was waiting to hear from the landlord to let him know the repairs were completed. My boyfriend just went over to move a few more things and the heat was on in the apartment! The gas company says they haven't been contacted to restore service yet. How is this possible? Please help! I need to know how I can be sure that the work was done correctly. Now I'm beginning to wonder if this "friend" installed the heating system, and if it was ever even installed correctly. You read about gas explosions all the time and I don't want to be one of them. I don't want to undermine my landlord, but I also don't think he has been honest with me. Is there someone that I can call to inspect the stove/heating as a renter without having to go through my landlord and without paying an arm and a leg? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • JStar
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    Where are you located?

    Some companies, myself included, would offer a third party inspection.
  • VictoriaEnergy
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    not to worry

    In most areas...

    No gas permit is required to service or repair gas equipment.  So if the gas fitter was just repairing the leaks, he didn't need a permit.

    When a different appliance or vent system is installed, or substantially altered (like moving it to a different location in the room) then a permit is required.  So the gas fitter applied for a permit when the range was replaced.  Your landlord is likely unhappy about the gas inspection due to the expense of the permit, and out of concern he will require code upgrades.

    In most areas, the gas fitter is responsible to do work that is fully up to standard 100% of the time.  The gas inspector's role is to inspect as much of the fitter's work as is practical.  If the gas inspector is not overly concerned, that probably means the gas fitter has a solid track record.

    The important general advice in situations like this is: If you are getting a new appliance installed, you should contact the gas inspection office and confirm a permit has been issued.  Issues with shoddy workmanship often involve a fitter claiming he has a permit (and charges for one), but he doesn't actually get one.  Since you have already done this, you have little to worry about.

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