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old Powers pneumatic thermostat question

gerry gill
gerry gill Member Posts: 3,078
In the pictures my screwdriver is pointing toward a lever. Whats it do, or is supposed to do?
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  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,723
    Might be

    to shift the unit from night temperature to day temperature. I've seen systems that had this feature, not sure how it worked........
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  • JaredM
    JaredM Member Posts: 57
    That's an oldie......

    It looks like a night mode override lever found on dual mode pneumatic stats, but most dual mode stats have two setpoint dials.  I am not familiar with that stat.  Many pneumatic systems went into night mode (setback) by raising the system pressure to a higher level which triggered the stats to enter setback.  Way back each maker had a certain pressure they worked at....and they were all a little different, just because they could be.  The lever was used to override the thermostat back to occupied day mode.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,317

    i agree probably a day/night setback stat. if you follow the air line back to it's source you will probably find two air pressure regulators piped in parallel each with a solenoid valve for each reg.. A time clock switched the solenoids on a day night basis. The air pressure regulators were set at different pressures. 20 psi day -15 psi night or whatever the manufacturer required. It is slightly different between control mfg, Powers, Honeywell, Johnson, Barber/ Coleman
  • RJ_4
    RJ_4 Member Posts: 484

    I used to work on old peumatic systems and was a U.A, instructor,   if you give me the mod. number I may have the old cut sheet.  As everyone has said it is most likely a day/night t-stat,  look close for a smaller dial with 0-10 degree marking  this would be the degree of night setback, as Ed said dual prv's would change air press.to t-stats.  These types of systems are still being used in some old bldg's
  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,078
    Thanks guys,

    i'll delve deeper into looking around.
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