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inefficient re-circulation line

I recently purchased a 5plex and have been trying to make its systems more efficient. I noticed the hot water re-circulation line was constantly running and im pretty sure it's not insulated. It has a Taco 006 pump which is constantly on, this all by itself would be bad but it is pulling its heat from a electric hot water heater which has been turned into a indirect hot water heater through a tankless hot water line going through the boiler which makes it really bad for my heat system. Constantly running water through building and cooling it off, i would think this would be lowering my boiler temps a lot and causing it to run constantly.

Ive thought about some setups that other people are using involving a aquastat and a timer but unfortunately my tenants keep odd schedules so timer wouldnt work and aquastat prob couldnt be set low enough to cause the pump to shutoff.

Installing motion sensors that would turn the pump on and off in bathrooms and kitchens isnt really a possibility given the amount i would need and would be a pain to setup.

My boss suggested reducing flow on line to a small stream just enough to circulate water but i think in the end i will be just circulating a small stream of cold water.?

I did find a Taco 006IQ pump which pulses for 7 days and learns the weekly the schedule of the water usage and only turns on durring those times, constantly going back to pulse mode for one week and then back to scheduled system for the next. Seems my best bet so far. But i cant seem to find any reviews of this product or of its existence on any other website besides TACO-HVAC.

Any Body know anything about this product or maybe suggest alternative routes i can follow?

Thanks for your help


  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 2,788
    You might want to...

    ...check out the commercial version of demand pumping at: http://www.enovativegroup.com/portfolio/guide-to-the-dmand-circ/  They use a combination of tenant demand and loop temperature to limit operation and reduce losses.  I'd still insulate everything I could get to!

    Yours,  Larry
  • crazy907ak
    crazy907ak Member Posts: 34
    Havent checked the website yet

    But got off phone with local plumbing companies and that little taco pump is around $300 thats more than i paid for my grundfos alpha!

    Ill check that website out now

  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    ecocirc e3

    Works fantastically as a DHW recirc pump.  Far more efficient than the 006 - draws about 10W for the little one and 20W for the big one.  Adjust the built-in speed control until you get the return temp you want during a quiet period (ideally an hour or two with no demand.)  You can improve with an aquastat (the little snap-on Taco works fine) if needed.  Dialing in the flow to just the right amount makes a huge difference in cost of both gas and electricity -- it also helps reduce the scald risk so you can eliminate the bleed/bypass valve in many cases.
  • crazy907ak
    crazy907ak Member Posts: 34
    thanks guys

    for the ideas ill have to look into them
  • crazy907ak
    crazy907ak Member Posts: 34
    ecocirc e3 question

    I really like this pump but im confused about the clip on Taco aquastat, im assuming that you have to purchase both the clip on aquastat as well as the timer for the 00 series taco pumps? The literature says they work specifically for all 00 series pumps but your saying they will work fine with the bell & Gossett pump?

    Seems weird you can get the variable speed pump with the built in thermostat and then get the plug in timer that would be just the system im looking for.

    Thanks for the suggestion
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    ecocirc e3

    There are versions with a built-in thermostat, and there is a variable speed version.  Unfortunately, you can not get both options in the same pump.  The Taco snap switch just makes/breaks 120V on temperature - as long as the current draw is within specs, it will control any pump.  I believe the timer can be fitted to any of the pumps.  
  • crazy907ak
    crazy907ak Member Posts: 34
    I think this will prob

    The way i go. I like the smart pumps like the dmand circ pump but if they break i dont have any way to get replacements parts. Im pretty sure i should be able to get this pump locally.

    Prob noot the taco timer/aquastat though.
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    e3 timer

    Snaps on the bottom of the pump.

    Plenty of online vendors selling both these and the Taco 563-2 stat.
  • smihaila
    smihaila Member Posts: 93
    edited April 2013
    Where to buy

    an ecocirc e3 from?
  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    A simple solution would be

    just add a strap on aquastat to the loop, an ecm pump is great for the electric bill of course... I do a lt of my recirc systems with small pex tubing 3/8" and small pumps with an aquastat, just enough to keep the hot water down the loop... I dont know why I see guys running 3/4 and 1" tubing with constant circulation.. it doesnt make any sence and has a lot of down falls, energy usage, pump wear, pipe errosion, noise, innitial cost, ect... Taco has some really nice systems coming out, they may already be available I havent looked lately...
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