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New Boiler install noises

Due to flooding from Sandy, I had to purchase a new williamson boiler. GSA150 Gas Steam one pipe. I previously had a gsa125 but due to a boiler shortage after the storm, I had to up size one size because that was all that was available. I have 275 ft of connected radiator load. and my new boiler provides 376su ft and my old one 325sq ft. Since my new install there seems to be some knocking or pinging and ticking on start up and when the system starts steaming up even though the pipes are warm. Also when the system shuts down, im hearing sporadic knocks and pings for 5-10 minutes?. they are not load bangs but annoying and new since the new boiler. I believe all of the near boiler piping to be good. ( will post pics)

1. I previously had insulation and havent replaced yet. could this be the problem?(i have to clean the salt off of the pipes first)

2. Could the larger boiler cause the steam to be too much for my uninsulated pipes to be able to handle?

3. If I use two takeoffs instead of the one im using, even though the manual says its ok, will i slow down the steam and maybe stop some of the noises?

4. Maybe a 3" header or drop rather that 2.5" which the manual says is ok?

3. the gsa 125 and 150 are exacly the same except for the manifold. If i change the gsa150 which has 6 burners and replace it with the 5 burner manifold, would i basically be make my 150 btu a 125 btu?

Thanks in adavance. Pictures to be loaded tomorrow


  • BobC
    BobC Member Posts: 5,473
    edited December 2012
    Skim it

    Has the boiler been skimmed yet? Installing a new boiler or piping introduces oil into the water and that oil has to be skimmed off the top to calm things down. This takes hours and has to be done very slowly so the oil slides out the skim port, if you look in the install manual I believe they show where the skim port sb located. Make sure the equalizer pipe is big enough and that the hartford loop is connected at least 2" below the water line.

    Insulating the pipes will save fuel and make the boiler perform better but it's not going to stop water hammer. Make sure the boiler is operating at less then 2 PSI. Using both outputs out of the boiler and or using a dropped header one size larger than the headers will result in drier low velocity steam

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  • mtlight
    mtlight Member Posts: 28
    Down cycle noises

    Im drinking my morning coffee and as my morning temp of my thermo is reached. the system shuts down. In the down cycle, im hearing noises in different areas of the system.. The end of the steam main, a few of the takeoffs as they may be draining? once the system cools a little it stops. Anybody. Again Im post sandy and im uninsulated at this piont till i clean the salt off of the pipes.
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