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kenjrkenjr Member Posts: 1
i have a laundrymate and need to replace water heater . right now i have a Bock oil fired water heater  , model 71E , storage 70 gallons and recovery @ 157 G.P.H

what is the smallest size and what kind could i change to least expensive ?

i have 6- 20 lb machines

8 -30 lbs

an 2- 50 lbs

how ever . all my dryers and heat is natural gas.

so would it be cheaper to change over , or just replace what i have with newer model ?? thanks KEN



  • Changeover from oil to gas?

    Changing over to gas would give you a fuel with a lower cost per BTU.

    There would be some initial costs:

    1. Perhaps a larger gas line coming in?

    2.a new boiler, and indirect water-heater, or stand alone water-heater.

    3.the old oil tank must be removed, and you will have to dispose of the remaining oil (or buy a diesel truck).

    How much fuel, and at what rate have you been using?--NBC
  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,771
    look into a couple....

    few properly sized tankless water heaters.
  • HenryHenry Member Posts: 720
    Unless you are in Florida

    Your existing is undersized! Both Rheem and A.O. Smith recommend at least two water heaters of 400,000BTU for this application. I would recommend two BTH400 to bring water from 40 to 140. Your peak load is 576 GPH. I have done a number of coin laundry's and many commercial. The software provided by both of the above are always right.

    Natural gas is cheaper, cleaner and has less maintenance than oil. As the BTH400 take air from outside (preferable configuration) there is less of a chance of contaminating the combustion air. Venting is via plastic pipe in Canada S636.
  • tim smithtim smith Member Posts: 2,226
    edited December 2012
    laundry hot water supply

     Switch over to gas even if it is going to be more expensive up front.  On demand heaters have there merit but read the post about Navien on this page. This is my biggest worry about on demand. Qualified servicers in your area, parts and support. These units are loaded with components to be able to do what they do. You need good support and service.  The best and simplest in my book is an AO Smith  HW 200 and  maybe a 80 gallon storage tank. These units are the sherman tank of the domestic hw market. It will cost you more than std upright direct fired water heaters but will last over twice as long. Very reliable, easy to work on.  If you want high efficiency, make sure you buy one that there are parts available locally or plan on buying spare parts and make sure local tech is familiar with them.  Good luck.  Tim

      side note, I did not look at sizing charts so might take a fair amount more, this above would be more than what you stated your existing is. 
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    another option

    TT SMART120 fed by a pair of PST250's (or one of the new KS500's) will give you a continuous 450 GPH at a 100F rise, or 560 GPH with a 90F rise. First hour is about 100 gallons higher.  Those numbers are tank output, not mixing valve.
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