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For conversion from oil to gas, power burner or tankless

poconodc Member Posts: 1

In converting from oil, getting conflicting advice on whether to replace 1995 EFM Spk 600 with a new nat gas power burner, or opt for new tankless hi efficiencey unit. Present EFM has tankless coil for DHW and 142,000 BTu/hr output at 1.35 gal/hr, which I guess is about 190,000 Btu/hr input. House is about 1600 sf ranch with lots of baseboard cast iron radiation, well built and insulated.

I presently use about 750 gal of oil/yr here in Stroudsburg, Pa and also burn several cords of wood in a fireplace insert. Am set up for nat gas, and will be in house for 5 more years. Chimney has good SS liner, have large basement, and can easily vent outside. It is a long run from furnace to bathroom.

Large local outfit whis does many conversions suggest tankless; long time HVAC contractor says go with power burner and indirect.

What do you think?
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