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Where does the water go?

BostonBoston Member Posts: 107
I have a 4 year only Burnham IN6 that seems to run really well.  I have it set to the lowest pressure possible for the pressuretrol that it came with. It has a drop header and seems produce dry steam. I have my sight glass segmented into 1" sections so i keep the correct water level and it looks like it's using 1" of water (not sure what that coverts to in volume) ever 1.5 -2 months.  Does that seem normal?

I have tried to button up the system over the last few years by fixing any valve leaks, upgrading my vents (I have no spitting valves) and no water hammer (except for one radiator that i can't seem to get right which happens to be in my daughters room and is convinced there is a monster in there).



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