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8184 to 7184

needinghelpneedinghelp Member Posts: 1
I am replacing the entire burner unit in a Lennox O23Q2-70-1A oil furnace. The old unit used a R8184 M 1002 primary controller and the new one has a R7184B 1032. The old unit ran three wires to primary (24 volt power, WI, and Common) and the new unit only has two terminals( T and T). I have tried several  combinations like 24 volt and WI to T and T and the burner would run but no blower until burner shut down. Also common and WI to T and T  and that worked but no tstat control(stayed running). Tstat to primary and I don't get 24 volts to blower control. Is there a way to wire this and still have all safeties in place?


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