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Question regarding 1st floor radiators in a 6 floor building

Long story short.

I have a 6 story building - 27 units. An apartment on the 1st floor wasnt heating up. The radiators were cold and the boiler was on and the other 1st floor apartments were getting heat. It was at 9pm and I had a few brand new #C air vents. I removed the old vents in 3 of the radiators and they started working instantly. Theres a straight pipe that ends about 3/4 of the way up along the wall and stops right before the ceiling in the bathroom. I installed a #D vent in this bathroom. I simply installed these vents because it was 9:00PM and all of the stores were closed and I had to get heat into this apartment.

My question is -  are the "c" air vents too "strong" for this first floor apartment? This tenant lovesss heat so Im sure she wouldnt mind getting the extra heat. Also am I losing heat in other areas now that I installed stronger vents in this apartment?

Its a one pipe old school radiator system with the traditional air vents. Well mcclain gas boiler with an MPC gold series heat timer.

Thanks in advance.


  • One apartment cold

    Are the radiators on the floors above getting steam, in that corner of the building.

    What is different about this apartment? Is it at the end of the steam main, furthest from the boiler?

    Are the mains well vented, with low back-pressure (2 ounces is best)?

    Was this problem noticed before the heat timer installation.

    Something has changed, and now needs to be discovered, rather than band-aided.--NBC
  • George80
    George80 Member Posts: 8
    response to NBC

    NBC- this specific 1st floor apartment is furthest away from the boiler. I havent had any heating complaints from the apartments above this one since I installed the #c valves. I havent checked the vents on the main lines but I want to now. I just purchased this property and it seems that the heating system has been ignored and band aided the past 7 years. Ill be there later so Im going to check those main vents as well. Its just a matter of locating them.

    Prior to October the heat was being controlled by an old school analog round thermostat. Now we installed the MPC Gold heat timer. No complaints except for this 1st floor apartment. She called me this morning to say thanks and that she was getting plenty of heat. Hopefully I didnt drag away any heat from other units since I used #c vents on a first floor apartment furthest away from the boiler.
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