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Need recommendation of steam specialist


I am the co-op board president for a 65 unit building in Yonkers, NY We have a scotch marine boiler that is nearly 30 years old.

Right now, our building is having the following issues

a) Uneven heating across the six floors and lots of complaints of inadequate heat.

b) Excessive fuel consumption / run time. (Average of nearly 7-8 hours every day)

c) Boiler Pressure is at nearly 6 psi

d) Water loss of nearly 60 to 80 gallons each day

I know the above information since we installed a digital boiler control system earlier this year.  I think we need an expert to check the whole system out right from the boiler room, boiler settings, piping, main vents, radiator vents and sizing and put a quick plan to remedy the heat situation.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Younkers steam

    Have you tried the "find a contractor" button here? Search by state, as opposed to zip code.

    If there is no one local to you, you could get one of the other experts to come up and make an evaluation, and list of things to be done by a local pipe-fitter, or experienced handyman.

    Such an examination would determine:

    1.where is the water going.

    2.why is the steam arriving unevenly (trap failures?).

    3.is the air getting out of the system?

    In the meantime, please take some pictures of typical radiators, and the boiler, including any information as to it's size, and that of the burner, makers name etc.

    In this case the use of an infra-red camera would be of great help in finding any impediments to the steam distribution.

    What sort of control is now installed? Improper setting on a system with deferred maintenance can sometimes magnify the problem symptoms instead of curing them!--NBC
  • 65 cold units

    Please let us know if you have not found anyone local to you.

    One of the problems in dealing with a group ownership building, is in the perception many of the owners have in how much the cost to heat may increase if they get everything working properly. They may think that if they are chilly now, and the gas bills are X, then for more heat, the gas bill will be 2X.

    Most likely, the gas is being wasted before it gets to the occupants. If the system is in balance, then I would expect the fuel cost to be lower, and the comfort level to be higher.

    Keep in touch!--NBC
  • Philboyj
    Philboyj Member Posts: 2
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    Need recommendation of steam specialist

    Hi Nicholas

    I left messages for a couple of contractors and another couple of them did not service the Yonkers area. In the meantime, one of the other forum members ( who also owns a building in Yonkers)  called me to provide a reference to his trusted plumber / heating specialist.

    I spoke to the specialist and was extremely reassured when he recommended that we get a copy of  the "Lost Art of Steam Heat" by Dan  - as a long term education tool. He is going to be stopping by tomorrow to take a look.

    This site is awesome and I think the support and follow up that members like you provide here is invaluable. Thanks and keep up the great work.



    PS: If I get a chance, I'll post pictures in a few days and be certain to provide an update.
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