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Air Handler Thermostat Advice

I have an Apollo air handler running off my hot water heater. I use wood heat  primarily, but there isn't good air circulation to the upstairs. There use to only be a single duct exit on the lower floor for the air handler, but I have since installed 2 6" ducts up to the two bed rooms off the main trunk through the closet floor.


I want to use the air handler to move the warm air from the wood stove upstairs, without running the circulation pump. The fan only side ran from the "heat" side of the upstairs thermostat would allow the pump to not run, but circulate air which would think it was heating. I want to leave the downstairs thermostat as is to heat and circulate the pump, as to use this when I'm not home using the wood stove as primary heat.  Right now when I set my fan to the on in "cool" there is heat, and on heat there is heat. So I'm assuming that the circulation pump is set to kick on as it is wired now when the fan kicks on.  I do have a shut off valve on the water line coming to the air handler, and I have been closing that the past week for about 10 min at a time right before bed time running the fan to warm the upstairs up the 15* difference from downstairs. I am wondering if the pump is running dry while I am heating the upstairs with the water valve off? Over the long run I would think this would wear it out prematurely?  I would like to set up 2 thermostats, but in the end I can get by just by moving the current location from downstairs to upstairs. I would like to not have the circulation pump running when I am only needing to have the fan on to pull the warm air from the lower floor so the way it is wired now needs to be changed for that anyways.

Hope I've been clear on what I'm trying to do. I found a wiring diagram for apollo air handlers, but have not pulled my cover off to see if it is the same model as mine or not. It is a 55,000 btu air handler system, with a 3 speed motor, 24v thermostat and the fan is set on low, which moves plenty of air for my small house. 



  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    This is only me talking, But

    Can you re word your explanation so my head does not  After reading the whole thing I am still not sure what you are trying to do, or not due or sort of do.......Assuming that you are using a pump to circ your water,  It needs to run to provide heat to the coil that you are using.  If it were to shut down, the delta T would quickly be 0*f.  Maybe I just not seeing what you are trying to say.

    Mike T.
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