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Design Water Cooling Systems for Computers

Hello Guys,

Water-cooled PCs and servers are becoming more popular as we try to fit our computer systems into tighter, more confining spaces, where air-flow and fans can't keep our systems from overheating. The tips listed below use components found in a typical water-cooling kit. You can build some of these components yourself, but the cost difference is negligible.

* Plan where everything must go and make sure your PC's case is large enough to accommodate the water cooling system.

* Decide on how you want to attach the heater shroud to the heater core found in your kit. You can use 3B weld or threaded rods inserted through the four holes in the core, fastened by small nuts at either end. Using the rods is preferred, especially if you don't want the shroud to be a permanent component in your system.

* Check inside your PC's case to see if you have a hard disk drive rack blocking where you need to install the heater core in the frond of your case. You may need to remove the rack by either prying if off or drilling out the rivets holding onto the case.

Best Regards,

Harry Potterish

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  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    I might add...

    Being that server and entire computer rooms are sometimes in the millions of dollars,... There is, and makes NO SENSE to hide, cramp, or jimmy HVAC systems into a small area where service is virtually impossible.  Since these cooling and de-humidification machines are CRITICAL to the operation of the rooms,  IT IS NONSENSE TO HIDE such critical equipment to satisfy the owners of the room.  If you cannot convey the importance of strategically placing our equipment in a service friendly area, then step away from the job!  There in NO REASON to squeeze this equipment just because the owners think it's a good idea.  You are the pro and are only hurting yourself in satisfying this ridiculous request.  Besides the obvious cost and inconvieance of working on the HVAC, the last thing operators of the room want to hear is "We'll have to disrupt your area so we can make repairs.  To many times have I seen Liebert equipment crammed into spaces that just disrupt their operations because someone didn't THINK about the after thought of working on systems.  I don't care if it's water or air cooled, It makes sense to plan and talk it over with the powers that be so little as possible disruptions occur.  "If I cannot get to the HVAC equipment with out causing a disruption,......It's in the wrong place!

    Sorry so passionate, but it pisses me off.  No disrespect intended.

    Mike T.
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