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problems with wm gold

Michael48 Member Posts: 1
hello to all. hope someone can point me in right direction. just bought an empty 2 family  duplex foreclosure. it was an "as is" sale. no power or water on at time of close. house has 2 oil/hotwater boilers. both wm gold. both installed 2007. both have wm indirect hot water heaters. place was lived in till late july 2012. in apt "a", i got system bleed and running. aside from a slightly delayed ignition, which i tend to address with filter, screen , nozzle, adjust/clean probes and cad , check pressure,ect......   the problem is in apt "b"

    the system-

wm gold boiler -2007

wm indirect water heater 2007

2 zones-1st floor/ 2nd floor

taco zone valves-3-wire

taco zvc404 control box-switches are set to "norm" + "priority off"

taco low water shutoff

digital honeywell 2-wire t-stats

1 taco circ pump

honeywell aqastat

carlin motor control

ok, so i bleed air from all zones and hot water tank. i then proceeded to bleed fuel line. when i turned power on , it took a minute as usual (i have this s/u at home) and then motor started and ran it's 10 or 15 secs, then shut off. lots of air in line, so i did this 3 times total. 4th time it would not start. on the carlin control i now have a red+ amber light. before it was just amber. now it wont start. few minutes later the lights on the zvc404 go dead....great!, ok, so we check zv wires for continuity-ok there. check t-stat wires for same-ok there. check and confirm 115 volts present at transformer-ok there. fuse ok....check for 24vac on other side of transformer and no good? so it blew for some reason. so i go to supply house and bought a new zvc404. apples and apples. install it, and power it up. all the lights come on. after a minute zv lights come on and zv open up, but still no go on the carlin motor control. still have red and amber light. am i just in "lockout" mode or maybe something else. i'm bothered that transformer blew but fuse didn't. wondering what caused overload. what should i do next? sorry for the long post.


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,888
    Call a pro

    the control is set up that way so you don't keep re-starting a burner that won't light, which can cause a puffback.

    From what you say it sounds like those boilers were neglected for a while. If so, they will probably need cleaning. And the burners need to be set up with a digital combustion analyzer- just doing it by eye is no good and never was.

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  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    I would echo Frank

    plugged filters, or oil supply problem. Call someone in
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