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A combustion Analysis question

KCA_2KCA_2 Posts: 303Member
Hello All...

  I have a Laars JVH160  Natural Gas (induced draft) Boiler with these readings.

CO2  5.8%

   O2  10.7%

   CO  25 ppm

  Draft .07

Seems off...  If I adjust the manifold pressure down from 4" the CO2 % goes down.. (Recommended by factory is 4.0")  seems like the CO2 is low and the O2 is high...  Draft should be in the negative...  Stack temp was 287degF... I clocked the meter and everything worked out well...  How do I get the readings in where they should be...  CO2 around 6.5 anyway and O2 at 7-9%....  I don't know why the draft is in the positive...

A bit confused...

  :-)  Ken


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