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Jump start oil burner without electricity?

Julian KuJulian Ku Posts: 43Member
We have been without power for a week in long island and the temperature is heading toward freezing. We have a new burnham oil burner and steam heat. Is there a way to jump start our burner? Would it require a generator, if so what kind? Or could a battery work? Any advice would be appreciated as well as any other advice in how to warm up the house. (fireplace? Solar heaters?) thanks.


  • Bob HarperBob Harper Posts: 803Member
    oil burner off the grid

    I ran my oil burner off a generator for several days. I had to disconnect it from the house wiring, use a serviceman's test cord that goes from a three pronged male to three alligator clips onto the various wires and run it that way taking care not to let anyone close to those exposed wires.

    There are some logic circuits that cannot handle the waveform from generators and inverters so beware.

    Be careful using fireplaces for heat. First of all, an open hearth will exhaust about 400-600 CFM with a typical fire. If it does not vent completely, you can get deadly CO poisoning.

    Gas ovens can kill so don't use them for heat. They are allowed by ANSI Stds. to emit 800ppm CO legally on a good day once properly installed and operating.

    Solar heat is generally either passive or solar panels generating a little extra power. They cost a fortune and must be installed over a new roof to boot.
  • Jim Davis_3Jim Davis_3 Posts: 578Member
    Generator outdoors please!!

    Forgot to mention the bigest point about the generator.  It must be outdoors, not in garage or basement!!!   The fumes will KILL you!  I just read a retired fireman died yesterday in Long Island from his generator in his garage.

    It's funny that most think fireman know a lot asbout CO?
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