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Electric Baseboard question, for heating second floor of garage.

JoeG Member Posts: 88
Hi, I have a 28 X 28 garage, I have Radiant heat in the floor for the first floor with 10 Ft Ceilings, On the second floor I have a 16 x 28 Room with 8 Ft ceilings, I was thinking about heating the second floor with Electric Baseboard,

 I was wondering if you guys think this is a good idea, if so how many Base boards should I get and what size?

Also what kind of wire do I need to hook them all up to one thermostat?

Should I get a wall mounted one or one that is mounted right to the unit.

I only plan to keep the garage at about 50 Deg, but would like to be able to bring it to 70 If need be. I don't need it to raise fast. Thanks


  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    radiant heat

    is in the floor of the garage?  Is it hydronic or electric?
  • TonyS
    TonyS Member Posts: 849
    Use a Ductless Heat pump

    much cheaper to operate and a/c to boot
  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88
    Hot water

    I am heating the radiant with hot water, I have not hooked it up yet and I am unsure what type of water heater I will be using at this point.

    I have propane and electric on site.

    What is a heat pump?
  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88

    Could i use a Regular 50 Gal Gas fired hot water heater or a instant HW  heater and run baseboard up stairs and radiant in floor on first floor?
  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88

    The ductless systems, start to get pricey, I already have the tubing int he floor , shouldn't I just heat with hot water?
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    heating with hot water

    Did anyone do a heat loss calc for the two spaces?

    Did you insulate under the slab?

    How often do you use the spaces?

    How are you planning to manage the two different water temperatures needed?

    Is there a domestic hot water requirement or just space heat?

    Do you have any cooling load?
  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88

    Yes under slab and around the underground part of the four ft concrete knee wall is insulated, Inside is going to be insulated also with fiberglass.

    I am unsure how I will control two different temps, that is why I am here, trying to figure that kind of stuff out.

    No heat loss has been done, Spaces will be used a few times a week mostly for working on stuff, In the summer it will be used a lot more, I have no need for A/c I am not looking to get carried away, I just want to keep it from freezing in there say about 50 Deg, The second floor maybe warmer at times but not often.
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