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Changed Hot Water Tank's Hot Water-Line Valve On Top of Heater

Ritzy Member Posts: 34
About 2 weeks ago, I called a local plumber to change a corroded valve (atop my hot water heater) on a pipe leading hot water to the house.  For some reason, the plumber drained my hot water heater.....something I have never done for any hot water heater.

The only reason I asked the plumber to change the corroded valve was to be proactive so that the valve would not fall off & flood my basement one day.

Since the plumber drained my hot water heater  & changed the corroded valve, now, I am noticing water puddles at the base of the copper drain pipe leading from the "safety pressure valve" on top of my water heater.

I never had problems with this hot water heater before the plumber drained it, even though this tank is about 12 years old.  Always, I kept the temperature on the hot water tank only on warm (as I did for the last Rheem 50 gal. tank I had for 18 years.....even then, I only changed that tank because I was changing the boiler....not because it was presenting any problems).

Three questions:

1.    Should the plumber have drained the entire hot water heater in order just to change the valve on the hot water pipe leading out of the heater to the house?

2.    How dangerous, now, is this situation...... with the "safety pressure valve" constantly relieving pressure by releasing water through the vertical, copper pipe adjacent to the heater?

3.  Can the water pressure be lowered inside the hot water heater?

I would appreciate any & all input that anyone can offer.

I am a female running a household & am not too knowledgeable about plumbing issues (just the basics I've learned from prior experiences with plumbing problems).   Thank you so much!


  • JStar
    JStar Member Posts: 2,752

    I bet the plumber opened the relief valve to let air in the tank to make it drain faster. They don't always reset and hold pressure after that. Although, it is a good test to do on an annual basis anyway. When relief valves start to leak, they have a habit of rusting shut and essentially turning the water heater into a time bomb. CHANGE IT! Change it immediately.

    You cannot lower the pressure. It did no harm to drain the whole tank.
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,578
    Gender disadvantage?

    Don't ever feel your gender will prevent you from understanding how your house systems work. There are many women posting here who are maintaining, and even installing steam and hot water boilers. --NBC
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