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gurlging in one room, no heat in another

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  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,508
    main venting questions

    the main vents can only let the air out of the pipes and steam chest at the beginning of steaming, and that air must escape with no resistance. they cannot control the steam once the air is out, and they have closed. gortom d's are radiator sized vents, and will not do much for the mains. gorton #2's are the most capacious, and should be on those mains instead.

    the pressure has a lot to do with the system operation, and yet the supplied, code required gauge is useless as an aid to diagnosis. put on a 0-3 psi gauge [], and then you can really see what is happening. the pressure should be under 2 psi, for basic function, and under 8 ounces for economy, and comfort.

    i have all hoffman 40 radiator vents on my 55 rads, except for some 1-a's where the riser up to the rad was tall. they all have floats, which keep water from blowing out as steam is pushing the air out at 1 ounce!

    once you get the main venting enlarged, and the pressure down, you will see, and feel a difference.--nbc
  • puff_puff_hiss
    puff_puff_hiss Member Posts: 59
    follow up

    i called my main vents out as D's in my original post, but i could be mistaken as I am not at home to double check.  I replaced "like for like" with what was there and didnt really pay too much attention to the number before installing.  -  i will double check that and reply tonight.

    with that being said though,  even with the mains venting correctly (which i think they do because they start puffing immediately too,  something is going on with that riser/horizontal leg/radiator  that goes nearly directly from boiler to nursery (bdrm).  taking 40 mins to get a blast of water followed by finally heating up.  

    any additional help would be appreciated.
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