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Quietside DPW-199A

I am looking for information on the Quietside brand prior to considering a purchase. I have seen positive and negative comments, a lot of the negative are from the 2009 timeframe. A comment being from 2009 does not eliminate it, but I would really like current information.

Here is the problem I am trying to solve. My wife and I purchased a home that has wirsbo(sp?) piping in the lower level slab. I have pressure tested the piping and it holds 50 lbs for days. I do not know the layout of the piping, given the slab was poured ~10-15 years ago. I am fairly confident that it is a radiant heating loop for two reasons. One, I can see the perimeter insulation in the utility room. Secondly, when I pressure tested, the volume of air held quite considerable.

I prefer to operate on facts though, so I would love help in three areas.

1) I would really prefer a dual purpose unit as I have personally installed and used gas powered, instant water heaters for years and really love them. Also, I would love to get rid of the huge tank based water heater that is in place. Finally, I would like to have radiant in the lower level.

2) What good method can I use to understand the quantity(feet) of piping that is in the floor. There has to be some elegant way of determining the volume in that pipe other than guessing. The piping is 1" ID

3) Is the Quietside a good choice or should I be looking at another product? I certainly don't want to use a simple tankless water heater as it is not intended for this purpose.

Two final facts.

We intend to do an addition in the next year or two, I would install radiant in several other areas of the house at that time. That is the purpose for the larger unit.

I am comfortable with the concepts of primary/secondary circuits and am fairly comfortable that I would be successful in purchasing the right components to create the circuits. I did order the book from this site today.


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