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Crud in a pressure regulator

We have a small commercial (4GPH) steam boiler that has a vertically mounted Watts S1156F STD pressure regulator paired with a 9DSM3 backflow preventor on a 1/2" water line feeding water into a condensate tank.  Both have been replaced twice in the past few years because of heavy crud buildup in the 1156 which allowed it to tricke enough to flood the boiler.

What can we do to minimize crud buildup in these parts?


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Crud in a Watts 1156:

    Use a Bronze one, not a cast iron one. Iron ones are painted a coppery red brown color. Bronze ones aren't. They are natural. Use a brass nipple coming out of the discharge of the valve. Many of us install a valve on both the inlet and outlet so we can change the valve without draining the system. Iron ones plug up in tghe inner screen from the iron breaking down.

    Again I ask? Why and how do you use a hydronic water pressure valve like a Watts 1156F on a steam boiler? They make specific water feeder valves for steam boilers. Please post pictures on how it is installed.

    Some inquiring minds are interested. Are they being installed by installers that don't know better or am I just stupid and missed something on my way here.
  • 04090
    04090 Member Posts: 142
    edited October 2012
    You're right!

    It's the metals.

    There was a B&G 110193 FB-38TU installed when the boiler was new.  When that flooded the boiler a couple of years ago, the oil serviceman installed the 1156.  We weren't too happy with that company after some botched repairs, and have since changed.  Not knowing any better, when it flooded again last month I went in search of an exact replacement of what he installed.  The B&G has been on the floor by the boiler, is in front of me now, is brass and shows no signs of built up crud.  I trust the 9DSM3 is OK to use metalwise. 

    I'll post some pictures over the weekend.  I don't understand how the condensate tank works with the boiler; it's very much like a 3D cobweb of interconnected pipes.  But it works.

    Will get another B&G unless you recommend something else?  Thank you for resolving that. 
  • 04090
    04090 Member Posts: 142
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    photo update

    New 1156 shows in center of left side.  Will be replaced with a B&G brass valve soon.  The condensate tank feeds a Burnham steam boiler.  The return supplying the condensate tank is one of three returns in the the steam line, and the supply from the condensate tank is connected to the same loop in the bottom of the boiler which supplies the Everhot hot water tank.
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    04090 Member Posts: 142
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    duplicate post

    It happens.
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