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Only 1 Radiator not working in home

I have steam heat, single pipe, boiler system.  All the radiators in the home work, but the bedroom one.  When the air valve is off, I can hear movement  (when I put my ear to the wide open hole).  The radiator only works with the air vent OFF.  The pipe and the radiator gets hot and works, but the moment I put the air vent on, it doesn't work. 

I replaced the air valve yesterday (bought a brand new one) and turned the boiler on. COLD. As soon as I took the valve off, it begins to warm up.

I've placed several other valves on this radiator, and it doesn't work.

The radiator pitch is level (I'll probably put some shims on the non-supply side to give it a nice pitch. 

When the valve is off (and it begins to get warm) there is no knocking sound. Very quiet.

We just moved into this home 2 months ago.

Please help this first time radiator guy.


  • Gordan
    Gordan Member Posts: 891
    edited September 2012
    On is off and off is on

    Could it be that something is up with that valve so that when you think it's closed, it's actually open, and vice versa? A picture always helps. Also, there's a dedicated forum for steam heating systems on this site ("Strictly Steam") - may I suggest that you'd be more likely to find the specific knowledge you're looking for there?

    Edit: I misread what you meant about the valve being "off" - you mean that you uninstalled it and the radiator was fully open to air. My recommendation about the steam forum stands; they vent about venting all the time there!
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