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Oil to Gas conversion, many options - what to choose

Russhart Member Posts: 2
I'm in the midst of getting estimates for a Oil to Gas conversion.  All the contractors appear to know what they are doing but the equipment is allover the board - they all have their favorites. I've read a lot of posts and I understand that the installer/installation is a big part of the job (crap installation on the best boiler will diminish it's ability to function properly) and I want to make sure they can/will service what they put in.  They have all done heat loss calculations and made their recommendations - from boilers with indirect hot water tanks to Combi units - all with full outdoor resets.   I live sw of Boston, house is 27 yrs old, all new windows and doors, 2000 sq ft living space.  2nd floor is all baseboard hot water heat.  1st floor is 1/2 radiant and 1/2 baseboard hot water.  I'm concerned that the Combi units will not provide adaquate DHW and heat with a bad NE winter.  I've got Lochinvar Combi, Bosch Combi, Lochinvar bolier with Indirect, Viessmann boiler with Indirect, TT, HT Elite with Indirect and Navien Combi estimates.  Just looking for some pro's and cons from the forum on what to consider/avoid.  I'm leaning towards a boiler with indirect, but I'm no expert.  I've learned more about heating systems the past few months than I ever wanted to know :-)  Thanks for any and all assistance!!


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,188
    edited September 2012

    I would opt for an indirect unless your hot water demand is 1 bath and 2 people... more than that not sure it makes a lot of sense. The TT excellence is a hybrid combi.... not a bad option for 3 people. What is your demand....Baths? # of People? Indirects anre hard to go wrong with. The only "drawback" is the initial cost? What do you have now w/ your oil boiler?
  • Russhart
    Russhart Member Posts: 2
    more information

    kcopp, thanks for the info..  Today it's 3 full baths and only 3 people (all adults) however, from a resale perspective if I ever needed to sell, I'd like to make sure the system is adaquate.  My current boiler is HW on demand, Burnham oiler RS-112?, Beckett burner (26 years old and we have never had an issue with hot water needs).  I want to make sure that not only our needs are met but if I ever sell, make sure there is sufficient capacity.  So far, estimates for combi or indirect are only about 1400 - 2K different in price....(ht 1400, Locinvar 2K) so not too concerned about inital cost more about capacity and reliability..
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,188
    I would do ...

    a properly sized boiler and an indirect... FWIW we don't talk pricing here. The installer is key. Personally I would do a 50 gallon SuperStor Contender and The Smith G-B 160 or the Bosch Greenstar.
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