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adding a chiller to a hot water cast iron radiator loop

question: what do you suppose would happen if you added a chiller into your furnaces hot water cast iron radiator loop? If it was set up to be isolated (only the furnace or the chiller working at any one time) and fans were used to move air over the cold radiators (mitigating the lack of convection), other than possibly poor efficiency, what would happen? Would it work?


  • Mark Eatherton
    Mark Eatherton Member Posts: 5,839
    Radiant cooling...

    WIll not and SHOULD not be used to address the latent energy (grains of moisture). It will however, address the base load sensible requirements quite well. THe one thing you need to be aware of and prepared for is the dew point. If you cool your radiator surfaces below the dew point, they will condense the moisture out of the air, and then you have a real mess on your hands (floor).

    Radiant cooling works the exact same way as radiant heating, only on the opposite end of the scale. Heat flows from hot to cold in Ma Natures effort to balance out all thermal conditions. Radiant cooling also does the same balancing act, and if you lower the MRT enough, the space will "feel" like it is cooler.

    There are off shelf dew point controllers to help you on that end. If you are fortunate enough to be in a dry climate, it should work like a champ.

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